High Temperature Creep Measuring Apparatus


  • Professor Londiwe Nkiwane National University of Science and Technology


creep, measuring apparatus, creep failure time, temperature, nylon6.6


A high temperature creep measuring apparatus capable of operating over a wide range of temperatures, humidities and stress levels was developed. To assess its reliability, the apparatus was used to measure the creep behaviour of nylon6.6 tyre materials, under different temperature and humidity operating modes. At all operating conditions, cords exhibited instantaneous extensions on loading followed by steady creep over time with an
eventual failure. The results obtained using the apparatus tallied well with results by other researchers, and this indicates that the apparatus can be used as a reliable measuring instrument.


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Author Biography

Professor Londiwe Nkiwane, National University of Science and Technology

Department of Textile Technology




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Nkiwane, L. (2022). High Temperature Creep Measuring Apparatus. Zimbabwe Journal of Science and Technology, 5(1), 65–74. Retrieved from https://journals.nust.ac.zw/index.php/zjst/article/view/31

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