Grain and Vegetable Amaranth Adoption in Binga Rural District of Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe


  • Isaac Innocenta
  • Madanzi Tendai
  • Manjeru Pepukai
  • Matunhu Jephias
  • Muromo Francis


aramanth farmers, Binga District, farmers, food and nutrition security, value addition and beneficiation


This study seeks to popularise the traditional grain and vegetable aramanth crop in Manjolo and Sikalenge wards of Binga Rural District of Matabeleland North in Zimbabwe. The study of the grain and vegetable amaranth project by Ntengwe for Community Development (NCD) in collaboration with Tugwi Mukosi Multidisciplinary Research Institute (TMMRI) of the Midlands State University comprised of 74 farmers in the two wards aims at enhancing household nutrition, food and income security for the communities. Data for the study was collected by interviewing the aramanth farmers, 3 retail outlets (supermarkets) manangers, 3 hoteland lodges managers, as well as 2 crop science specialists in April and May 2020. The SPSS version 24 was used to analyse the data. Findings from the study indicate that the communities were not aware of the food value of the but knew aramanth as an indigenous weed which grew on abandoned cattle pens and homesteads. Findings further indicate that the farmers have a positive perception towards the production and consumption of amaranth which can be exploited to create demand for the vegetable locally and beyond . Observed dynamics militating against commercial production of amaranth in the two wards include the poor transport delivery system, water shortages, costly farm inputs and information asymmetry on potential markets and suppliers. The study recommends further researches into amaranth productivity with regards to possibilities of value addition and beneficiation to tap international markets.

Author Biographies

Isaac Innocenta

Ntengwe For Community Development, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe,  Faculty of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Management, Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe, Tugwi Mukosi Multidisciplinary Research Institute, Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe

Muromo Francis

Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe




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