About the Journal

The Southern African Journal of Communication and Information Science seeks submissions that provide an in-depth coverage of the current developments in the management, provision and dissemination of information in Southern Africa. The Journal is dedicated to research that seek to contribute towards policy that underpin the effective creation, organization, storage, communication and utilisation of information and knowledge resources. We welcome submissions for review that focus on, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Journalism and Media Studies (journalism, television, film, corporate communication, identity politics, development communication, and decoloniality in media studies).
  • Records and Archives Management (informatics, information and knowledge policy formulation, information processing and management, knowledge management and economy, and information architecture, education knowledge and literacy).
  • Library and Information Science (distribution of information - including book-selling and telecommunications, use of information - including literacy, reading and user studies, information seeking behaviours, search, navigation and retrieval techniques, and bibliographic control and service - including bibliographical databases and online services).
  • Publishing (production of information media - including publishing, printing and production of audio-visual media, the production, distribution and consumption of media texts, information generation - including authorship, copyrights and primary communications, meta data and structured vocabularies, and information literacy and information education).

All manuscripts, if suitable for consideration, shall be subject to rigorous peer review by independent referees. The papers must be original, not under review by another journal or other forms of publications, and must adhere to SAJCIS Author guidelines. Manuscripts should be sent electronically to sajcis@nust.ac.zw. Enquiries should be directed to Dr Peterson Dewah, Editor-in-Chief of SAJCIS.
We hope you will consider submitting your manuscripts to SAJCIS.