Technology Gap within Kenyan Textile Cottage Industries


  • S. Odhiambo Moi University
  • D. Njuguna Moi University
  • P. Chemweno Moi University
  • J. Githaiga Moi University


cottage industries, value addition, technology, competitiveness, cotton, carpets


Textile cottage industries in Kenya handle diverse products using different production techniques. The industries by virtual of being small and complex in their output have difficulties sustaining quality and quantity. One major reason for this is the technology disparities within the various cottage industries. This paper looks into the current technologies being used in their value addition processes compared to advancements that have been made in the same sector of manufacturing and processing. The shortfalls that come with the technology gaps have been critically evaluated and interventions proposed that could be used for successful business in the competitive markets.


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Author Biography

S. Odhiambo, Moi University

Department of Manufacturing, Industrial & Textile Engineering




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S. Odhiambo, D. Njuguna, P. Chemweno, & J. Githaiga. (2011). Technology Gap within Kenyan Textile Cottage Industries. Zimbabwe Journal of Science and Technology, 6(2). Retrieved from