Promoting Sustainable Small and Medium Textile Manufacturing Enterprises in Kenya


  • Chemweno Peter Moi University


SMTE’s, linkages, competitive, skills upgrade, capital


The Small and Medium Textile Enterprises (SMTE) in Kenya play a pivotal role in contributing to the national economy through creation of employment arising from its labour intensive nature. In addition, the textile industry cuts across diverse sectors of manufacturing. However, SMTEs have not faired well in terms of the rate of growth and transition to medium and large manufacturing industries. This paper investigates the problems that prevent their growth, transition and survival rates. The findings point to pertinent challenges such as access to capital, low skills level, lack of technological know-how, access to markets and low level of inter-firm linkages. The paper recommends specific strategies such as access to affordable capital, human capacity enhancement through training and skills upgrade, adapting dynamic marketing strategies that are responsive to changing market patterns.


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Author Biography

Chemweno Peter, Moi University

Department of Manufacturing, Industrial & Textile Engineering, School of Engineering




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