Towards goal programme optimisation of machining parameters during the production of TI-alloy components


  • N. Tayisepi Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe


Energy efficient, sustainable manufacturing, goal programming, Ti-alloys, machining parameter optimization


Optimisation of the manufacturing process parameters, which are often in conflicting orientations, is an important consideration
for actuating efficient production processes in order to improve competitiveness. Efficient machining of the hard-to-process
materials such as Titanium alloy reveals an extensive field of research and has become increasingly significant in fulfilling multiple
requirements of sustainable manufacturing such as ecological, economic and legislative consideration in production activities.
Throughout the past few decades, multi-objective mathematical programming had been a lively area of research in the field of
the manufacturing industry, particularly for purposes of operating conditions optimisation. In this literature-based survey and
experimental study, goal programming is assessed for feasibility of use for predicting and optimising the machining parameters
during the turning of Ti6Al4V components. A comprehensive literature study, about the application environments of Goal
Programming, had been performed. Outside turning experiments were conducted with coated carbide tools at different process
parameter settings. Cutting parameters were characterised against the output parameters. Mathematical Models were developed
using regression analysis, on Minitab 20 Software. The parameters characterisation results and developed mathematical models,
which are all linear in nature, show applicability of goal programming once the goal targets for each machining output performance
parameter are established. Survey results showed the feasibility of goal programming as a tool for predicting machining process
parameters. Future research is also outlined.


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