Green manufacturing implementation in zimbabwe: an assessment of current issues


  • Tinotenda Machingura aDepartment of Fuels and Energy Engineering, Lupane State University. P.O. Box 170, Lupane, Zimbabwe.
  • Davison Zimwara Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, National University of Science and Technology. P.O. Box AC939, Ascot, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


green manufacturing, pollution, framework, challenges, critical success factors, environmental management


Green manufacturing (GM) is becoming very important as it will determine an organisation’s sustainability in the long term. The
protection of the environment is essential to avoid land, air and water pollution. Challenges of global warming, land degradation
and ozone layer depletion are pushing companies to adopt GM. This paper aims to assess the implementation of GM in Zimbabwe
and shed light on the current position. A GM framework that can be adopted by the mining and manufacturing companies in
Zimbabwe was developed. 76 manufacturing and mining companies in Zimbabwe participated in this study. The data was
analysed using SPSS v 23. Financial constraint was highlighted as one of the challenges faced in implementing GM. All the
companies highlighted that they use power grid electricity and that their processes produce a lot of waste. Several companies
indicated that they do not have pollution prevention equipment.


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