• Zimbabwe Journal of Science and Technology

    Zimbabwe Journal of Science and Technology publishes original research papers and reviews that bring you in-depth information on scientific and technological developments. The Journal is geared towards generating new research interests, innovativeness and finding the most suitable regional solutions to issues in science and technology.  It is a peer reviewed Journal which includes:
    • Comprehensive papers written by experts who have practical experience of the local phenomena. 
    • Practical solutions to local scientific and technological problems
    • Review articles as well as book review
    • Submissions on exciting new research which report findings of multidisciplinary significance. (Register as an author.)

    Referees who would be willing to act as reviewers on this original content and provide recommendations that will be able to serve as a guide to the author(s) to improve on their work.( Register as a reviewer)

  • Southern African Journal of Communication and Information Science

    The Southern African Journal of Communication and Information Science will be a peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide in-depth coverage of current developments in the management, provision and dissemination of information in Southern Africa. The Journal seeks to contribute towards policy and principles that underpin the effective creation, organization, storage, communication and utilisation of information and knowledge resources. The journal seeks to influence how policies and practices in the broader themes of Records and Archives Management, Journalism and Media Studies, Library and Information Science and Publishing can be used to build theoretical and practical foundations to achieve a greater impact in the socio-political and economic transformation of Southern African countries.